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There were many series that were broadcasted on television during the year of 2012. Many received good response from the audience and many did not. Arrow was one of the series that became a hit after the release of its pilot. The idea of preparing a new series for CW came into existence in January of 2012. The producers of the series including the co-producer Wendy Mericle were ordered to shoot the pilot for the series. The director David Nutter was hired for the job of direction. Stephen Amell was casted for the role of Oliver Queen. Wendy Mericle said that they wanted to avoid any connection to the series Smallville ,that why super power heroes and villains were not used. Instead they came with the idea of real life heroes, people who are working for the betterment of their society. After the decision was taken of not including super heroes, the production team went to Vancouver for the production of pilot. After the pilot was released, the response received from the audience was huge. Then they moved on to shooting the whole series. For that they had to go to Vancouver. There are many footages of Frankfurt, Tokyo, Boston, Back Bay in the series. After the release of pilot it was given a full series pick in October of 2012. Apart from Arrows one of the famous work of Wendy Mericle is Desperate Housewives.

The idea of the series desperate housewives was unique and touchy and it gain critical acclaim too. Wendy Mericle wrote and co-produced the television series. Marc Cherry and his mother came up with the idea of the series. The idea hit them while they were watching the news. Suddenly he said why there shouldn’t be any Television series that revolves around this story. Cherry has produced many famous television series in the past. He produced and wrote Golden Girl and Golden Girl Palace.  This was Touchstone televisions hit comedy series which gave him national acclaim among the viewers. He also co-created 3 sitcoms. Some of my best friends, the crew and 5 Mrs. Buchanan. He is very famous for these sitcoms Wendy Mericle told us. Apparently these sitcoms didn’t last more than one year on the screen. In the start Cherry had to face difficulty in gaining the interest of the television networks in his new series. All the major networks including HBO, NBC, Showtime, CBS and Lifetime turn down the show. After a long struggle by Cherry two of the executives at ABC television network agreed on it.

The executives at ABC were not satisfied with the name of the show. They wanted it to be Wisteria Lane and the secret lives of housewives, said the writer Wendy Mericle. But in October ,2003 ,they ABC announced the name of Desperate Housewives. It was presented as a soap opera. Cherry declared that the new show will be a mix of American beauty ,Knot Landing and Twin peaks. Pratt became the executive producer of the pilot. While other remained as the consulting producers of the first two seasons. Desperate Housewives was aired on ABC from 9:00 to 10:00 pm on 18th May of 2004. Later ABC announced the line-up for Desperate Housewives which was the same. After the broadcast of three episodes Desperate Housewives will be picked for a full season along with Lost.

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